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A Few Simple Steps

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1. Web Design Process

2. Purchase A Web

3. Rent-A-Web

1. Web Design Process

Our web development process consists of seven steps. Each step is vital to ensure the successful launch of a company website. The list contains useful information that will allow you to better understand the costs involved to develop a website.

Server Setup & Domain Registration

The first step involves creating a new account on the web hosting server. After this we need to register a domain. Domain registration takes 24 hours before one is able to upload files to the server. It might happen that your domain name is already taken. If this is the case we will recommend a different domain name. Our web hosting clients will never have to pay domain renewal fees.

Corporate Identity / Company Logo

The website needs to reflect your brand. It’s vital that we receive your corporate identity because without it we can’t continue the design process. If you need a logo designed visit our graphic design page for more information. Your corporate identity will determine the “look & feel” and the correct website color usage.

Website Content – Text & Images

Text: This is the information that you wish to publish on the web pages for your visitors to read. A company profile which consists of 10 pages is usually sufficient.
Images: We will require digital pictures of your products/services. If you are really serious about your products you might want to get a professional photographer. Quality never goes out of style!
Note: Content needs to be supplied in a digital format (flash drive or CD)

Concept Design

Two concept designs will be offered to the client. The designs will be filled with content (text and images) and the company logo. Layout and color usage can be changed to suit the client’s needs. The two designs will be forwarded to the client in a JPG format. The development process will start once approval has been given by the client.

Designing Phase

Our programmers and graphic designers come together and brainstorm. They discuss all the project objectives. Our programmers start by uploading the necessary software to the server. Special 3rd party software is also integrated at this stage. The graphic designers will design the template layout and perform various image optimization techniques.

When ready, the template will be uploaded onto the server. At this stage the client may view their website online (day seven). After another seven days all content will be uploaded and integrated into the website. Within fourteen days the company website will be ready for final testing.

Programming Phase

Our programmers will perform a variety of techniques to ensure that the website is indexed by the major search engines. These include: page optimization, image optimization, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tasks, which include search engine submission, page rankings and develop SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs.
What does all this mean? Basically we ensure your website is user-friendly, made of utmost quality, is fast loading and lastly that your website will be indexed by search engines. This will help to generate more traffic to your website.

Site Delivery

Only when the client is satisfied with the final design will we make the website live on the internet. All requested changes will be made as soon as possible to ensure that all deadlines are met. This should be the first part of any company’s online strategy. From here on the client may use the following services:

2. Purchase A Web - Once-Off Web Development

Thank you for your interest in Web Design Bloemfontein. We strive to provide only the best quality WordPress web design service and support in Bloemfontein. We encourage clients to do market research before deciding on their web design partner. We proudly publish our tariffs because we believe our services and products are affordable and market related.

What Are The Costs?

The cost to develop a standard company website is R5,000.

This type of design typically has a navigation menu with Home, Services, About, Contact Us. This is great way to create an online presence and start generating new leads and sales.

What Do We Focus On?

  • Website Layout & Design
  • Graphic Design & Optimization
  • Page Optimization
  • Content Uploading
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

Why WordPress?

We use WordPress as our programming platform with it’s built-in CMS. The CMS allows our clients to update their own website. All our design are responsive (can viewed on mobile devices). We ensure that each design is optimized for faster access speed as no one wants to wait for a website to open.

We have years of experience working with the Joomla! platform and it’s perfect for a small company website or even if you have thousands of users that you need to grant certain access levels to or even if you need to create an online shop. Joomla! can easily handle any specific requirement from the client. Need a website to list your properties or are you a dealership that needs to list his stock online. Sorted.

This website .. yes, the one you are busy reading … it’s built using Joomla! Joomla! also consists of an online community that develops 3rd party software that integrates with Joomla! So you can easily upgrade a entry level website and turn it into an online store or add a blogging platform or embed videos. Need a training solution for your staff protected with access levels? Yes, Joomla! and its 3rd party software providers are here to assist.

3. Rent-A-Web

How It works

Step 1: Choose from the web design options below. The two option that suit your needs are Rent-A-Web or Small Business web design.

Step 2: Simply fill in the form here about your business with as much information as possible.

Step 3: As soon as we have received the above mentioned information we’ll send you and invoice and start with our website design.

Within a couple of working days you’ll have a brand new website, with your own personalised email account (name@domain-name.co.za).

(this is a great deal if you don’t want to invest for the design upfront)
  • R179 per month. No upfront design fees. Includes emails and website hosting.
  • Excludes domain registration of R79 which is renewable annually.
  • 5 Page company website (home, services, gallery, about, contact us) or pages of your choice.
  • After 18 months the website data will be transferred to you and you’ll be the sole owner of the website

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