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Give Your Business A Boost with Business Builder

Business Builder is the growth hormone for your business, a selection of services aimed at the small to medium business owner. The purpose of this product is to nurture and support business to gain, increase and retain market share by growing brand awareness through digital marketing .

As with any new business it is crucial to fast track new growth by finding new customers quickly.

Want to drive more sales and brand visibility?

Digital Marketing is a dynamic toolset that must change and grow as your business does. It requires regular tending and management to keep it on track and aligned with business objectives and market changes.  

The Business Builder program is  a dynamic product that is measured to suit individual business needs and financial parameters. So whatever your budget, at Beetlebox we will use specific tailor-made  services solution that will work for you and grow with you. 

“Your Success Is Our Success”

Because we are passionate about our business, we fully understand your passion about your  business. This is where we can help you. Consider us an integral partner in your business growth.  With our guidance and expertise you can leave the digital marketing strategy to us so you can concentrate on operation and management.

Our Services

The Business Builder programme contains the following services depending on your business requirements. Services are individually priced and are for inclusion in a tailor- made service package for the client individualy.

  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. Company Profiling & Reputation Management
  3. PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) *
  5. Directory Listing and Name, Address, Phone (NAP)
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  7. Measure to Succeed *

* Required service for all packages

1. Social Media Platforms (SMP’s)

Social Media Platforms (SMP’s) are the next best customer facing and advertising tools to support your business website. They are generally less formal extensions of business with an inherently communicative, interactive and live view of the day-to-day management and news of a company. I would say a company website lags social media for example, if you want to bring a new product/service to market, timing being a critical factor. Announce it on social media to gauge customer reaction and getting active feedback on the new product, service or strategic business change.

But SMP’s must be tended to regularly and consistently which can be extremely time consuming for a small business owner. Let us free up a chunk of your time by taking on this labour intensive task so that you can concentrate on your core business. We will set up all the required SMP’s and manage them on your behalf. The platforms will be updated regularly with relevant and engaging information about your business.

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2. Company Profiling and Reputation Management

Company articles, news and information. Depending on the level of service you choose, we will do the public relations for and brand your business by generating between 1 to 4 pertinent business articles per month. These articles can be about your business idea/s, inception and  history of your company, your product or service and their benefits and what makes then different from those of your competitors. Innovations and goals would be highlighted, company events profiled, as well as charities, affiliations and sporting participation news. Your partners, management and staff, their experience, credentials and team dynamics are important to share with the public. Feedback and stories from satisfied customers should regularly be published.

All this information will be posted to various websites to build back linking and shared on social media platforms. It is important while branding your company to build goodwill and positive customer feedback.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

What is digital advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? It is a group of online advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook which allow you to showcase your products or services on the internet and gets your brand out there from the word go. That means that you don’t have to be an established company or wait for your website to grow organic traffic, which takes from 6 months to a year, you can be up there with your competitors vying for business straight away.

We focus on two of the most cost effective advertising avenues, Google Ads, and Facebook ads. But which one do you choose? Well that’s where we come in. We’ll look at the type of business your run, discuss your goals and your budget and tailor make a strategy which would include one or both of these avenues.

Pay Per Click Advertising Process
> Keyword association and analysis.
> Ad creation
> Landing Page Optimisation
> Campaign Setup
> Configure Tracking
> Campaign Launch
> Track and Measure
> Analyze and Optimise

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the most critical component of a website and digital marketing strategy. SEO is also part of PPC advertising and is used to build a companies marketing strategy. It’s the engine that drives your website or digital marketing campaign to the front of the pack and therefore the most important service we offer. SEO is a required service forming the base of Business Builder digital marketing.

If your website isn’t already optimised by BeetleBox, a full audit will be completed on your website and based on the results and the company’s goals and objectives, a SEO marketing strategy implemented. This will be monitored and tweaked on an on-going basis to continuously improve website ranking.


5. Directory Listing and NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Your business profile and information will be listed and advertised on various business directory sites. This will give the company an immediate footprint and aid in backlink building associated with search engine optimisation (SEO) for search engine results (SERP).

NAP or “Name, Address, Phone“, means that no matter anywhere on the internet where your company’s name, address and place are displayed, it should be exactly the same. If NAP is not followed, google gets confused and instead of growing your business, your profile is diluted and customers would battle to find you on internet. In line with best SEO practices, “Name, Address and Place”(NAP) will be set up with your company details on “Google My Business” and where the company already has an internet presence, checked for consistency. A consistent NAP footprint is very important for Google or Bing.  NAP management is part of this service.

6. Measure to Succeed

Analysis through Tracking and Measurement. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are extremely important tools by which we track and measure various metrics (what pages are visited and how many times, how many clicks, what time of day, what geographical location the visitor comes from, the bounce rate, etc.) on a website. It is also use it to track and manage organic growth as well as Google PPC campaigns. It shows the website health over time and allows us to bench mark the current website status and track positive or negative movement from changes in markets, SEO strategies and advertising campaigns. Analytics is a standard component of  Business Builder.

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