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What is SEO and how can it benefit your business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the process of improving your visibility online in order to rank your website in the search engine results page (SERP). Google ranking algorithm takes into account more than 255 ranking factors when assessing the quality of a webpage. To make it easier to handle, the various SEO factors can be grouped into three major sub-processes. Each of these sub-processes deals with a number of rules and when applied together the end result is a fully optimized website that can achieve high rankings in Google.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. Using technical SEO, you can help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without error.
It is called “technical”, because it has nothing to do with the actual content of the website or with website promotion. The primary goal of technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website.

On-Page SEO

The goal of on-page SEO, is to speak the ‘search engines language’ and help crawlers understand the meaning and context of the pages.
This is the part where we deal with keywords, structure of the page and content writing. What does organic or natural rankings mean? It means that Google will look at your website and online profile and decide for which keywords they will rank you on the first page of the search engine results. We work on optimizing your pages for particular keywords and which keywords are used in the title tags, meta descriptions and image alt tags.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO has to do with website promotion methods – techniques that go beyond website design and content. These techniques that are external and not done on your website. An important technique is link building, which means getting high quality back-links to your website. A few ways of doing that is by adding your website to local directory submissions, submitting a few of your articles to blog directories and posting on forums. This is a critical part of the whole process but you only have to deal with this after the other two processes are completed.

How Does SEO Work?

Lets use the following example:

You have a Beauty Salon in Nelspruit and you offer various treatments, such as manicures, pedicures, facials etc.

Your website offers fresh and regular new exciting information about lets say facials. You have informative articles, photos and even videos. Not only is this information available on your website, but also on your various social media profiles, like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. Your website is also found on various beauty salon and regular business directories. Google will recognise that you are actively sharing this information with users online. Now they consider your website as worthy to be found on the 1st page of Google for the keywords “facials nelspruit”.

There is unfortunately no quick and easy way of being found on the 1st page. It is like trying to lose weight. You need to have a proper diet that you follow every day, an exercise routine that you follow every day, a sleeping pattern that you follow every day and after 3 – 6 months you see great results.

So now you understand that SEO is something that you have to do everyday for a period of time before you will see great results. The only problem with Google and it’s organic results is that there can only be 10 websites on the 1st page, so you always need to stay ahead and put in more effort than all the other companies also competing for those keywords.

Market your website to be visible immediately through PPC



SEM stand for Search Engine Marketing. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two top pay-per-click advertising SEM platforms. Google Ads target specific keywords and appear as the top results in Google searches, whereas Facebook Ads display in social feeds and are targeted using demographic and behavioral information.

As a small business that wants to use SEM, the options are: paid ads on Google, PPC ad placements via Adsense, targeted ads on online platforms like Facebook, or paid content placement like an online newspaper for example. The idea is to pay to have your business or content featured rather than having it discovered naturally or organically. This can be a costly exercise when you get started but is entirely worth it for a new business with little to no organic traffic.

What Are the Differences Between SEO and SEM?

When we talk about the difference between them, we’re really just talking about different approaches to advertising.

Both approaches are really two sides of the same coin, but they consist of very different actions when related to marketing. The two terms are sometimes used together to reference a similar set of activities, which can be confusing for those of us who aren’t familiar with the industry or the terminology.

SEO is sometimes used as an umbrella term that includes SEM, but because SEM refers strictly to paid advertising or (PPC), they are actually separate. SEM is about getting traffic via paid ads, and SEO is more about acquiring, monitoring and analyzing organic (unpaid) traffic patterns which grow your ranking over time.

What are the Advantages of getting a company to optimize your website?

Not only will a small investment into our affordable services packages improve your rankings in Google, but it will also improve your quality score in Google Ads, giving you a lower cost per click.

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer and only pay when they click to visit your website.

The basic principles of online success is:
1. Have a professional, fast, user-friendly and mobile (Responsive) website
2. Grow your website organically to improve your SERP ranking in Google

Being found on the 1st page of Google, not only increases website traffic and more business, but also identifies you as credible and a leader in your industry.

Every website requires SEO from a reputable company. Google will not rank your website high in search results if it is not optimized.

Let us optimise your website
  • Let us help you be visible to potential customers either through SEO or SEM.
  • Recommended Time-Frame for Best Results using organic growth: 6–12 Months for easy to medium ranking keywords.
  • Be visible immediately with PPC using Google Ads or Facebook advertising.
  • NO Obligation, NO Contract, Run Month to Month. For best results we suggest running an SEO Marketing campaign for at least 3 months.


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