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Website design is an art, technically and aesthetically. Today a website is the online core of any business wanting to be competitive in the market place. After all, that is what business is about. Produce a product or offer a service in order to make a profit. Well that sounds fairly simple. But hold on, I have several competitors offering a similar product or service. So the question is…

“How Do I Get A Customer to Choose My Company Over My Competitor”?


A great website requires clean responsive code, search engine optimised and beautiful design. A good website is engaging and never boring. When it comes to build, quality is everything. But a quality website is much more than aesthetic. It’s the ease of use – Information text and graphic is placed appropriately and logically on each page to ensure the viewer understands the message you are trying to convey and therefore the text should be well written and page content optimised. User friendly navigation – This puts the viewer squarely in the driver’s seat. Information should be quickly available and easy to find. Think of the navigation bars as the GPS to the information on a website. There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost on a website when looking for something. This quickly turns website visitors in to ex-visitors, never to return.

Will your Beetlebox designed website make the grade and shine? We guarantee it will! 

Our design principles cover all aspects like On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Keyword Research and Local SEO for local businesses. This jargon may not mean a lot to you but it’s a critical set of rules on which a successful website must be build. Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. are in the business of customer service.

They will only offer up the best quality websites to their customers. Unless your website ticks the boxes, dots the I’s and crosses the t’s, no one will ever see your website, no matter how brilliant or beautiful it is.

We take all this into consideration. We add your unique brand, the look and feel, and build a website as an extension of your business that compliments your brand. We use WordPress, a versatile yet simple Content Management Systems (CMS) which has become the industry-standard and represents the future of website design. WordPress powers 34% of the internet in 2019. 

At Beetlebox our market focus is small to medium businesses and start-ups. Just as we try to succeed in our business, we want our clients to succeed in theirs. It is our responsibility to give our clients the best design and service we can. We pride ourselves on the best technical build quality and creative aesthetics of our websites. 

A great website will turn visitors into customers!

Your will include:

Website Design 1     Responsive Design
Websites are designed to be viewed on any mobile device, cellphone, tablet and iPad.

Website Design 1    Modern Website Design
BeetkeBox will design as many pages as YOU need Incl. in your website package. Templates are clean, easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Website Design 1    CMS – Content Management System
You have full access to the site to update and maintain it yourself. (Excl. free website)

Website Design 1    Search Engine Optimisation SEO
We build your website with Google in mind, search engine friendly to drive potential customers to YOUR site.

Website Design 1    1 Hour Free Maintenance per Month
We will update and maintain your website free of charge for  one hour per month.Updates are done regularly.

Website Design 1     email accounts
You get up to 15 email accounts set up i.e. info@domainname, sales@domainname, etc.

Website Design 1    Social Media Buttons
Have Twitter, Facebook, Google etc, social icons on your site to link to all your profiles.

Website Design 1    Contact Form
A form requesting more information regarding your services and products.

Website Design 1    Galleries and Slideshows
Display a gallery of thumbnail pictures or a slide show pop-up.

Website Design 1    Google Maps
Google Maps shows users where your offices are located.

Website Design 1    Training & Support
We offer one hour free training in order for you  to update and maintain your own website. However, we’re always available to assist.

Website Design 1    Monthly Reporting
You will have access to monthly statistics report on the performance of your  site.

These options are dependent on the design package of your choice.

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