COMPLAINT: We purchased a 4G LTE Mobile Data Bundle from Openweb but to date have never received the service.

I have a home business since the arrival of COVID 19 so after due diligence investigating coverage availability and pricing we purchased an advertised MTN, 4G LTE Mobile Wifi data solution from Openweb on a 24 month contact.
We paid a pro-rata amount for the service and after 4 days we received our sim card. I installed into our brand new B535 router but it didn’t work!
Between the Openweb technical service and myself, we tried everything to get it working, but 2 months, 80 emails and several phone calls from tech support later, it still does not work.
After the first month of daily interactions between me, Openweb and my new router there was no resolution in sight so I went to our local MTN store and purchased a small data package and sim card to test with and confirm that firstly, the MTN service was available and working in my area as MTN claimed, that it was compatible with the new router model I had just purchased and that there was no fault with my brand new router.
I plugged in the new sim and the data service was live immediately.
I went back to Openweb and tried again to bring the service live.
At this stage it was now a month later and I had surpassed my budget by R1000 in Vodacom data bundles in order to keep my business going while still trying desperately to get the Openweb MTN Data service working.
Soon after that I reached a point of everything having been tried I so I decided to cancel the data service contract with Openweb using their automated online cancellation facility. They expressed disappointment in the standard return email that they could not resolve the problem and supplied me my cancellation ticket with a proviso that I give them one months’ notice by which time they would have debited my account for the second time. I naturally refused to pay them.
At the end of August I received an email from the accounts department requesting I provide proof of payment. Naturally there was no proof as I was not going to pay for a service I was not getting. The amount now owing according to Openweb was R698.00.
I sent the accounts department an email stating they were unable to deliver the service they were billing me for and also informed them that I had cancelled the service one month earlier which they accepted.
To my dismay we received a threatening SMS two days later from Vericred stating that we must pay the outstanding amount as a clean credit record depended on it.
I then tried to contact Zelda at Openweb telephonically as my emails were clearly being ignored, or not being understood. I was told she would not take my call. My only option was to contact her via email. Several emails went back and forth and in her last email to me she informed me that the matter was closed as far as she was concerned and that she had handed us over to their legal department.
After discussing the situation with my partner we agreed that it was a matter of principle we don’t back down and feel forced to pay Openweb for a service they were NOT delivering.
Beware of companies that tie you up in debit order contracts while unable to deliver the service, which is very frustrating for the consumer.
I hope this saga gives you a moment of pause before you sign up with Openweb.
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